Immigration Through Employment

How Can I Relocate a Business to the U.S. ?

Foreign companies seeking to establish a business presence in the U.S. can create a subsidiary or affiliated office in the U.S. Once the U.S. company is established, foreign workers can work for the U.S. company as a Manager or Executive (L-1A visa) or a worker with “specialized skills” (L-1B). E-2 visas for “employees” is also available to work as a Manager/Executive or Specialist or Essential Skilled Workers.

How Can I Immigrate To The U.S. For My Job?

Federal Law allows employers to bring in a relatively small number of skilled workers from overseas when there are no qualified Americans available to fill the job. The system is designed to selectively choose highly valuable workers based on contributions the worker can make to the U.S.

When entering the U.S. for work, individuals can enter on a temporary, non-immigrant visa; OR, a permanent, immigrant visa. Unlike temporary work visas, Immigrant Visas (aka “green cards”) allow for permanent resident status in the U.S. , and can be obtained either through your employer, or through a family sponsored visa.

In order to move to the U.S. for your job on a permanent basis, you must qualify for an employment-based immigrant visa, or, qualify for the National Interest Waiver.

The National Interest Waiver

This category is available for accomplished and persons of exceptional ability. If the United States could benefit from your expertise you may be able to qualify for a National Interest Waiver.