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INVESTOR VISAS: Wanted: Foreign Investors.Keamy Tavares & Assoc. is uniquely adept at helping foreign investors succeed in establishing a U.S. business enterprise and filing for E-2 Treaty Investor Visas or for an Immigrant Petition as an Alien Entrepreneur. Whether you are starting a gallery, health and fitness Studio, coffee shop, mining company, or a boutique, KT&A provides expert counsel to foreign investors.


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If you are a foreign national and want to work in the U.S., you need a visa. Keamy Tavares & Assoc. will help. Whether you find work as an Engineer, Accountant, Biochemist, or Marketing Manager, we will help you obtain your H-1B, TN, L-1A or L-1B visa. If you are entering the U.S. to start a business, our business immigration services team will help establish a business presence including incorporation, business licenses, contracts, joint venture agreements and other services related to your new business venture.

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AAO Approves L-1A Visa

AAO Approves L-1A, Says CSC Failed to Consider the Needs of the Organization

On certification from the California Service Center (CSC), the Administrative Appeals Office approved a new office L-1A extension for a function manager, finding that the CSC erroneously focused almost entirely on the size of the U.S. company without considering the reasonable needs of the organization as a whole. The term “function manager” applies generally when a beneficiary does not supervise or control the work of a subordinate staff but instead is primarily responsible for managing an “essential function” within he organization. See section IOI(a)(44)(A)(ii) of the Act, 8 U.S.C. § IIOI(a)(44)(A)(ii).

The Charges:

Administrative Appeals Office approved a new office L-1A extension for a function manager.

The Verdict:

The petitioner established that the beneficiary devoted more than half of his time to managerial duties.

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H-1B Visa
I have been a client of Johanna Keamy since 2010. She has helped me with my H1B Visa and I would recommend her to anyone who's looking for a reasonable and trustworthy lawyer. One of the things I did notice about her is that, she takes time to listen to your concerns, and offer you advice that is in compliance with USCIS regulations. Her fees is reasonable too. I did not have to worry about my papers during the filing process. She deals with the sponsoring company in a very professional and nice way. I had filed my visa twice through her and it was approved. Thankful to God for the same.
United States’ Best Immigration Attorney
An extremely professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated Attorney. Gifted in every facet of her specialty, Immigration. It has been a pleasure to work with her.
P1 Visa Application
Johanna was great. She went above and beyond to answer any questions and address any concerns throughout the process. Very methodical with her work and the time of completion blew me away. The process was quite difficult but Johanna made it very easy for me to understand and complete paperwork, hand in documents and set meetings in order for my P1 Visa application to be completed and approved. In any case of visa or immigration Johanna is my one and only choice and i trust her fully to get the job done.
Outstanding, Professional Individual, Highly Recommended
Johanna is an absolutely outstanding person and lawyer. Her knowledge and expertise in the field of international corporate transfers and application for executive visa's from start to finish was nothing short of first class. Her preparation and understanding of my specific needs were only surpassed by her thoughtful caring attitude and kindness. She was always available when needed and her proactive approach to ensure everything is going smoothly for you through the process was refreshing and unexpected. She comes highly recommended.
I Could not be more pleased
I am so pleased to be able to give Mr. Tavares the highest recommendation possible. He handled my case with a straightforward, no nonsense approach. He is detail oriented and thorough with all of the paperwork as well as being well spoken and confident in the courtroom. Mr. Tavares knows family law and most importantly, he cares about getting the best possible outcome for his clients.
The BEST immigration lawyer ever!
She has been my immigration lawyer for almost a decade, and she's definitely the BEST! She's helped me with different immigration cases. Always keeps me informed and makes sure that I'm on the right track. Very detailed oriented and responsive. She is very real. She'll always tell you as it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly... never sugar coats anything. Yet she always does her best to find different solutions for every issue. If she doesn't know the answer right away, she'll always come back with an answer. She is very understanding and never being dismissive or disdainful. I highly appreciate what she's done for me. I wouldn't be where I am right now without her expertise. I know that she always has my back. I highly recommend her for any immigration issues you may have. She'll help you all the way.
The BEST Immigration Law Attorney I’ve ever retained
I don't have one negative thing to say about her. She's very personable. Even though she is very busy she makes you feel like your her only client. She brings her A game every day. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an Immigration Law Attorney. Location doesn't matter, CA, NV, NY, Canada, wherever you are, she can help.
In the latest interaction with Johanna, she helped prepared and file application for Mexican consultant to work for our company in the US. Her work is professional and comprehensive. Johanna's persistence and precision paid off.
I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough to Johanna!!
I am very glad that I had Johanna as my attorney. She helped me to get my working visa, extension and now I am holding my GREEN CARD!! She is very professional, very knowledgeable attorney. She always returns my phone calls and emails. Any questions that I had were answered by the following day. She thinks about her clients' benefit. I know a person who had an attorney who was not honest about his work and thought about only his own benefit. I would recommend Johanna to anyone who needs straight forward answers and get work done. I don't even want to think about what I would have done if I didn't have Johanna. Thank you again, Johanna!!
I Recommend Johanna Keamy
Johanna has handled multiple cases for me personally and also the company I am employed by and I will continue to utilize Johanna in the future. All cases where processed smoothly without any setbacks. I would recommend Johanna to anyone who is looking for a lawyer to handle their immigration needs.
Knowledgeable Attorney
Carlos knew the laws and established a plan on how to get there. He lead me through all the laws, child custody hearing and I got me everything I wanted. Something not easily done as a male raising two children.
Ms. Johanna M. Keamy – Highly Professional, Knowledgeable, Courteous, Competent
Ms. Keamy has been providing her excellent legal services to me for over 12 years. She is a highly professional, knowledgeable, and dependable attorney at law. I wish most other attorneys in the US are like her. Highly recommended.
Citizenship for Family of 3
Posted August 17, 2016 I highly recommend Johanna for any and all immigration related legal assistance. Johanna handled our case for my family of three, with all successfully reaching citizenship. Worth noting is that our submission required additional clarification, and Johanna went above and beyond to ensure all proper docs and supporting information was properly formatted and submitted. I had previously worked with another immigration attorney, and Johanna's direction and communication was significantly better. I highly recommend, and will use again in the future for any immigration work. Thanks Johanna!
A green card for my wife.
Johanna was referred to me by a couple who had recently received their green card. They told me about their pleasant experience, and that their pursuit was successful with Johanna's help. My wife and I had the same experience, both successful and pleasant. Johanna has a way of making you feel like you're a friend and that she cares about the outcome of your case. We are currently using Johanna to obtain a green card for my wife’s son. I would refer Johanna without any hesitation. Great Job! and Thanks!
I respect her
My friend introduced me to her 3 years ago. Johanna help my visa. I rejected by immigration at once, but she change my situations much better and I got visa finally. She never give up and always supported me. She had a patience and tried to find best way for me. The most important thing was her response. It was so quick. I felt her confidence and hospitality. Now I try to get green card for my employee. I trust her perfectly. I don't need to worry about visa issue in US any more, thanks for Johanna.
Perfect for E2
I hired Mrs. Keamy in December 2015 to process my E2 application. She has helped me through every step of the process, always there for me, assisted in preparing business plan, submitting necessary paperwork for federal, State and local permits. When I saw the final file to be submitted to USCIS, I was very impressed, it was about 400 pages! Everything worked perfectly and I got approved! Can't thank you enough, Johanna!
Great Job
I hired Johanna after many months of being frustrated and unable to achieve results elsewhere. She was knowledgeable and very accessible when it came to dealing with my file. I would recommend her to anyone requiring a competent lawyer. Johanna is a very caring and competent lawyer. She goes the extra mile in assisting with the case. She is knowledgeable about new legalities that could impact the case and explains things in a user-friendly way. I was referred to her by a friend who was very happy with her services and now I'm also a happy client. I would not hesitate to refer her to anyone.
Problem Solving Attorney for Immigration Issues
Johanna helped me overcome immigration/visa issues and obtain my H1B visa. She is persistent and a true problem solver - she found a way to assist me and resolve the issue when nobody else had a solution.
One of the best in the business
Johanna Keamy has been a top professional, set up my C-Corp very quickly and helped me with E-2 visa. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for immigration attorney.
Excellent Experience
I had the privilege of working with Johanna in 2015 while obtaining an E2 Visa. She thoroughly explained each and every step as we went along and was super efficient & after obtaining the Visa, she kept in touch to follow up. I would highly recommend Johanna and would use her services again if I need in the future!
We will never go elsewhere
Johanna is extremely efficient and professional yet somehow makes us feel like family! She explains things in laymens terms, doesn't get snippy when we don't have things on time yet nicely reminds us that it does need doing. We always recommend Johanna to our friends and family and she gives them great advice also.
Amazing Experience- Posted by Yerken Jan 15, 2020
Link to review"I had several immigration attorneys I worked with before I met Johanna and I had E-2 visa for years. I was under perception that since it is non-immigrant visa, I will have to convert it either to EB-5 eventually or win a lottery and that could take forever. I was concerned that my daughter will grow up and after she will get into age of 21 she will have to find other way to stay in US, but since my daughter just turned 1 and a half when we arrived to US, US became a homeland for her. When I met Johanna I surprisingly found out that there are some exclusions from a general rules exist in some cases and we were qualified for it. None of the attorneys I worked with ever told me about it before. I thought I knew everything about E-2 visa, but realized quickly that I don't know a lot when I had my consultation with Johanna. She is very, very, very intelligent and professional. I didn't expect that someone could be so precise and detail oriented in getting you to success. I really loved working with her, it was very easy and comfortable. As a result of my work with Johanna - myself and my family got our status changed to permanent residents. From now on, the only immigration attorney to go to or recommend would be Keamy Tavares & Associates. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say that there are no good attorneys around, what I'm trying to say, that I have a doubt that someone will discover to you wider opportunities you might have and don't know about, that is why I said that Keamy Tavares and Associates is only place to go for anyone who wants success in their case."
Great Immigration Support
Johanna is very knowledgeable and diligent in addressing client’s immigration needs. She returns calls promptly and explains the process thoroughly. With the successful outcome of my spouse’s green card process, I am happy we were referred to her and will continue to use her services. Having researched and spoken to a number of different attorneys, Johanna stood out with her compassion, understanding and excellent communication. If you have a need for legal advice or representation regarding US immigration, you would be well served to contact Ms. Tavares.
top attorney award