L-1 Work Visas for Intracompany Transfers

What is a L-1 Work Visa

The purpose of the L-1 visa is to authorize organizations with operations abroad to shift certain personnel to the U.S. temporarily.
In order to obtain a L-1 visa, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • Relationship between employers;
  • Continuously employed for one full year in the previous three-year period before application.
  • Employed as either an:
    1. Executive who directs management or a major function or component of company, establishes policy and goals, and exercises wide latitude in decision making or in a Managerial capacity involving high level management, essential function, supervising work of other supervisory managerial or professional employees, or specialized knowledge.
    2. Employee with Specialized knowledge of product and application in the market or advanced level of knowledge of organization processes and procedural skills.

The BCIS will approve new offices for one year and existing offices for up to three years for initial approval and extensions up to two years for a maximum of five years for specialized knowledge employees and seven for Managers or Executives.

Spouses (L-2) may now work with proper authorization.