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Our Immigration Attorneys are experts at navigating the US immigration process for individuals, families, and employers.

Led by Johanna M. Keamy, our Immigration Law Division has successfully assisted 100’s of businesses, individuals and families to lawfully enter the United States.

Our clients include a diverse group of businesses, corporations, individuals, and international investors representing IT/telecommunications, health care employers, CEO’s, importers and exporters, international medical organizations, professional athletes, entertainers, and many other significant professional occupations.

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How Can We Help You?

Relocate a Business to the U.S.

Foreign companies seeking to establish a business presence in the U.S. can create a subsidiary or affiliated office in the U.S. Once the U.S. company is established, foreign workers can work for the U.S. company as a Manager or Executive (L-1A visa) or a worker with “specialized skills” (L-1B). E-2 visas for “employees” is also available to work as a Manager/Executive or Specialist or Essential Skilled Workers.

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Join Your Family Already in the U.S.

Foreign nationals may immigrate to the U.S. in order to join family. Family-sponsored immigrants enter in one of two ways, either as immediate relatives or through what is called the family preference system.

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Relocate to the U.S. for Temporary Work

Visas are required for temporary work in the U.S. Skilled labor for applicants with a Bachelor Degree or higher may be approved under the H-1B program. Trainee visas are available under the H-3 program. Canadian and Mexican Nationals may seek temporary work in a Professional occupation under the North American Free Trade Agreement (TN Status). Both H-1B and TN status allow for a temporary period of work for up to three years. The H-1B can be renewed for an additional three years for a maximum of 6 years. The TN can be renewed beyond the 6 year period. We represent employers from the state of Maine to California in H-1B and TN petitions.

Professional Athletes and Entertainers may also work in the U.S under the O visa or the P visa.

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Relocate to the U.S. for School

Students in F-1 status must maintain a full-time course of study. A full course of study for undergraduates is as at least 12 credits. Graduates must maintain 9 credit hours per term. Less than full-time study is permitted under the following circumstances: an annual vacation, severe medical problem, valid academic reasons, students who need less than a full-time load to complete their program of study, graduate students who have completed formal coursework, and students engaged in full-time practical training (F-1) or academic training (J-1)

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Make an Investment in the U.S.

Foreign Investors from treaty nations can establish a new business enterprise in the U.S. in which they will develop and direct pursuant to an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa. The investment must be substantial, such as a $100,000 investment in a medical office or restaurant. Foreign investors who invest $500,000 in a regional center in a targeted employment area that employs 10 or more U.S. workers qualify for a Green Card under the EB-5 Investor Program. If an Investment of $1,000,000 is made the investment need not be in a targeted employment area but must create 10 full time jobs.

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Relocate to the U.S. for Permanent Work

Federal Law allows employers to bring in a relatively small number of skilled workers from overseas when there are no qualified Americans available to fill the job.

Immigration based on employment is divided into 5 categories based on a selection system. If you qualify under one of the below selected areas, you may relocate permanently to the U.S.:

Multinational manager, extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business or athletics, outstanding researcher, “Members of the professions with an advanced degree or equivalent”, skilled workers, professionals and other workers, ministers of religion and other religious workers, investor with defined amounts of capital in a “new commercial enterprise” that creates ten jobs, subject to certain conditions, and persons of exceptional ability. If the United States could benefit from your expertise you may be able to qualify for a National Interest Waiver.
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List of Visas We Can Help You With

Our immigration lawyers offer professional expertise to individuals seeking to enter the United States of America for employment OR permanent residence, and can assist with non-immigrant/temporary visas, employment-based/permanent immigration visas, and family based, permanent visas or “Green Cards”.

Temporary Work Visas

Keamy Tavares & Associates represents United States businesses and industries that are seeking to sponsor highly skilled foreign workers to enter the U.S. temporarily, and offers professional expertise to companies and individuals seeking all types of work visas including:

Student Visas & Other Temporary Visas

Keamy Tavares & Associates also represents individuals that are seeking to enter the U.S. temporarily for school, medical procedures, and other types of visits covered by the following types of temporary visas:

Permanent Work Visas

Individuals seeking to gain permanent resident status in the US can obtain a permanent immigrant visa, aka a Green Card; through either employment OR family sponsored immigration.

Our immigration attorneys can assist with the following types of employment based, permanent work visas, in addition to helping accomplished persons of exceptional ability qualify for National Interest Waivers:

Family Based Immigration

It is easy to see that family reunification is one of the most visible areas in government policy in which we support and strengthen family values for our nation. That is why our immigration attorneys acknowledge that family unification translates into strong families who build strong communities, and why we are dedicated to helping families and individuals to lawfully enter and reside in the United States via either:

International Family Law Matters

In addition to Business Immigration & Work Visa legal counsel, Keamy Tavares & Associates also represents families & individuals that have applied for permanent residence for their spouses, children and other close relatives to lawfully enter and reside in the United States.

Our Immigration lawyers work closely with the attorneys from our Family Law Division in providing legal expertise in the following family law issues unique to foreign nationals residing in the United States:

  • Adoption and Citizenship matters
  • Hague convention matters
  • Citizenship of minor children
  • Battered woman petitions
  • Counsel on divorce and its impact on green card applicants