Temporary Work Visas

What Kind of Temporary Work Visa Can I Get?

Non-immigrant visas are often referred to as temporary visas. These work visas allow professionals, scientists, researchers, investment entrepreneurs, athletes and entertainers from around the world to work in the United States temporarily. The intent of the non-immigrant visa holder must be to return to his or her home country after the expiration of the non-immigrant visa.

The Immigration Attorneys at Keamy Tavares & Associates can help you with every type of work visa including permanent work visas and the following types of temporary work visas:

Types of Temporary Work Visas

Bringing in talented individuals from around the world is a priority of our legal admissions system because foreign nationals have skills and expertise that are greatly needed in the U.S.

Foreign nationals also invest tremendous amounts of capital into businesses, which sparks our economy and increases jobs. Benefits abound. Employers benefit, our local economy benefits, commerce between countries is facilitated and our people benefit from the robust exchange of different ideas and goals. Individuals with the requisite credentials for non-immigrant visas give our country depth and great levels of prosperity to the people. The overall general welfare of our country is enriched due to non-immigrant visa holders.