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Immigration Services

Having assisted 100’s of individuals and companies lawfully immigrate to the United States, Keamy Tavares & Associates’ attorneys are experts at navigating the application process for obtaining temporary work visas; as well as permanent, family based immigration and employment based immigration visas.

Immigration Law Services

Family Law Services

Our Family Law Division handles all aspects of litigation and mediation in international and domestic family law matters. We know that a successful Family Law practice requires far more than the drafting of legal documents or negotiating settlements. It requires assessing business values and other marital assets as well as understanding complex finances.

Family Law Services

Business Law

In addition to helping foreign businesses immigrate to the US, the Business Immigration and International Business Law Division of Keamy Tavares & Associates offers Corporate Legal Services to entrepreneurs, corporations, non-profits, and small businesses seeking counsel on every day corporate affairs.

Business Law Services

Featured Case Studies

AAO Approves L-1A Visa

AAO Approves L-1A, Says CSC Failed to Consider the Needs of the Organization

On certification from the California Service Center (CSC), the Administrative Appeals Office approved a new office L-1A extension for a function manager, finding that the CSC erroneously focused almost entirely on the size of the U.S. company without considering the reasonable needs of the organization as a whole. The term “function manager” applies generally when a beneficiary does not supervise or control the work of a subordinate staff but instead is primarily responsible for managing an “essential function” within he organization. See section IOI(a)(44)(A)(ii) of the Act, 8 U.S.C. § IIOI(a)(44)(A)(ii).

The Charges:

Administrative Appeals Office approved a new office L-1A extension for a function manager.

The Verdict:

The petitioner established that the beneficiary devoted more than half of his time to managerial duties.

Case Study – L-1B Visa Petition

“Specialized Knowledge” Petition for L-1B Visa

The petitioner is a Taiwan based company that provides direct technical and engineering support to its foreign U.S. based customers. The Director of USCIS denied Petitioner’s L-1B petition on behalf of the beneficiary and concluded that the evidence was insufficient to prove that the Beneficiary possesses “specialized knowledge” as required under 8 C.F.R.§214.2(l)(1)(ii)(D).

The ultimate question is whether the Petitioner has met its burden of demonstrating by a preponderance of the evidence that the beneficiary’s knowledge or expertise is “advanced or special” and that the beneficiary’s position requires such knowledge.

The Charges:

The Director of USCIS denied Petitioner’s L-1B petition and concluded that the evidence was insufficient to prove that the Beneficiary possesses “specialized knowledge”.

The Verdict:

The Administrative Appeals Office sustained Petitioner’s appeal, finding that the beneficiary has advanced knowledge of the foreign employer’s processes and procedures.

Need a Translator?

For our foreign nationals who speak English as a second language, individuals are available who speak Spanish, French, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Arabic and other languages.

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