Child Support Information

Child support is calculated based on the incomes of each party and the timeshare that the child is with each parent. The child support is calculated via a statutory formula which takes into consideration the incomes of the parties, their tax filing status, and a number of other factors. The child support amount that is calculated by the formula is called the “guideline” amount. The guideline amount is a mandatory figure that must be ordered. The court may deviate from the guideline amount only under very narrow circumstances that do not apply to over 99% of cases. Simply put, a parent has an obligation to support his or her children which exceeds the obligation to pay their rent, their car payment or their other bills.

Once the Court makes a child support order, the Court must make orders requiring each parent to also contribute equally to the un-reimbursed medical and dental expenses as well as for daycare that is related to employment or employment related training. (F.C. §4061 et seq.) These amounts are mandatory and in addition to any guideline child support that is ordered.

Child Support Calculator from State of California