Family & Divorce Lawyers in San Diego

Our Family Law Attorneys know that a successful Family Law practice requires far more than the drafting of legal documents or negotiating settlements. It requires assessing business values and other marital assets as well as understanding complex finances which may include brokerage accounts, stock options, or even deferred compensation plans.

How Can We Help You?

Under the leadership of Carlos Tavares, Certified Family Law Specialist, our Family Law Division handles all aspects of litigation and mediation in international and domestic family law matters, including the following areas:

Divorce Litigation & Mediation

The Law offices of KT&A provide experienced legal counsel on all matters relating to divorce.

When a divorce or other family matter cannot be amicably resolved, litigation becomes a necessary component of divorce. Our Family Law Division will help you successfully navigate through the pitfalls of marital litigation to effectively present a case in the courtroom.

Our lawyers understand that your divorce will affect your entire family. We counsel both husbands and wives with challenging decisions regarding home life, property, and parenthood.

Our lawyers help clients involved in divorce across San Diego County.

Asset Division/Appraisal/Financial Analysis of Marital Assets

Our litigation team uses financial experts and financial planners to assist us in discovering strategies to prepare our clients for their financial well-being following divorce.

KT&A has extensive experience litigating divorce cases that involve dividing assets and debts. Serving clients with high-value property and significant individual and marital investments and debt requires experienced counsel for Investment assets; Family-owned businesses and closely held corporations; Professional practice interests, inventory, and investments; High value homes such as vacation homes and investment real estate; IRS tax debt and Credit card debt.
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Custody & Visitation

In California, child custody is based on the “best interests of the child.” KT&A provides unwavering dedication to matters involving children. Custody and visitation are of paramount importance to our lawyers. We help resolve all types of legal and physical custody issues such as: Joint custody; Sole custody; Move-away cases; Parenting plans and visitation rights; Parenting plan modifications; Child support enforcement and modifications.
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Child Support

In the State of California, there are specific guidelines that are used to determine the child support amount. Child support is based on income and expenses, as well as a formula that takes child custody into account. KT&A provides expert counsel on matters relating to child support including child support enforcement actions, contempt actions, and negotiates and litigates on behalf of parties seeking unpaid support judgments, as well as defending against such actions.
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Spousal Support

Spousal Support is also known as alimony and includes temporary, rehabilitative (to enable a party to become retrained, educated, and self-sufficient), and permanent. KT&A will take an in depth look into the parties’ actual income and available assets, the marital standard of living, and other complex issues when counseling a client of matters relating to spousal Support.
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