June 6

Prenups & Premarital Agreements: Top Questions and Answers Everyone Should Know

IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A “PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT” AND A “PREMARITAL AGREEMENT”? There is no difference between a prenuptial agreement (“Prenup”) and a Premarital Agreement as both terms refer to a legal agreement made before marriage. WHAT IS A PREMARITAL AGREEMENT? A Premarital Agreement can be entered into by a couple before marriage so that it.

April 10

Obtaining U.S. work visas: Where’s the Love?

Currently, there is great tension in U.S. immigration laws. Unemployment is recovering with U.S. Citizens still out of work. Wages have not really climbed and savings for many U.S. citizens have been invaded by a thief in the night. We call that thief, economic circumstances. The recovering economy has also proved ruinous for foreign nationals.

April 6

Family Law and Divorce Law are One and the Same

Many people going through a divorce ask themselves if they need a family or a divorce lawyer. It is important to note that Family and Divorce law are really one and the same. Divorce and family lawyers are equipped with the expertise to handle all issues that may arise within the broad category of family.

October 2

E-2 and L-1A VISA FAQs

E-2 and L-1A VISA  FAQs

Answers to FAQs regarding E-2 and L-1 Visas including: Can I continue to work during my pending E-2 Extension of status? When the primary applicant gets the E-2 or L-1 visa, what kind of visa will his spouse receive? How long will it take to get either an L-1A or E-2 visa?

July 22

What Does California Law Say About Splitting Property in a Divorce?

What Does California Law Say About Splitting Property in a Divorce?

Community Property State California is a community property state.  While most people understand “community property” means “50/50” most fail to understand how the concept is actually applied. This article will focus on the evaluation of assets upon divorce. Generally, community property assets or debts are those assets or debts incurred from the date of marriage.

February 11

K-1 Visas for Your Fiancé

What is a K-1 Visa? The purpose of the K-1 visa is to maintain family unity. The following requirements must be satisfied in order to obtain a K-1 Visa. A United States Citizen must be the petitioner; The couple must have met in person, within 2 years of petition (unless a waiver applies); The couple.